Security is paramount here at Paperfly.
The highest security standards and latest technologies are used to protect your data.
All personal data and communication channels are encrypted.

Beyond standard encryption

Not only are all personal data and files stored encrypted in the database, but the data is encrypted already during transmission so your client information stays safe even when you’re working off-site. The data itself is automatically saved in the background with a unique key that every customer receives after creating a Paperfly account. Of course, this key is not stored on your computer, but is retrieved from our server after each login and activated for the duration of your session. To ensure confidentiality, all connections from or to the server are secured by the https protocol. In general, Paperfly always uses the latest encryption technology and adheres to best practice guidelines.

Reliability you can trust

Paperfly uses the latest technology and state of the art hardware to protect your data from any outages. Our GDPR-compliant hosting provider operates countless data centers across Europe. To prevent data loss, backups of your data are stored several times a day at several locations. This also ensures that Paperfly will continue to run without downtime even if one of our data centers is put out of action due to storms, power failures or other disasters. If one data center fails, another immediately takes over. Your data is absolutely secure at all times.

Continuous Security Testing

We work with external security experts and security teams to make our services and infrastructure as secure as possible. Our system is checked at regular intervals for security gaps and potential weak points. In order to ensure the security of our users and your data, identified weaknesses are immediately corrected and the latest version of Paperfly is distributed across our servers.

Paperfly is the fastest and most user friendly mobile and desktop solution to collect documents, data, signatures, KYC details and payments from your customer.

Paperfly is the fastest and most user friendly solution to collect documents, data, signatures, KYC details and payments from your customer..

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